Alternative Health, Natural Medicine

The words Alternative Health or Natural Medicine can certainly excite a lot of emotion. But the definitions of the two are simple-they both mean not medical.

Alternative Health and Natural Medicine are based on science to verify the means of assessment or of application of the therapy. Alternative Health and Natural Medicine have their basis well established by the scientific body of literature.

As such, all subject matter that is presented here will be well referenced by the body of scientific knowledge.  

The Split of Natural And Medical Approach

The split between medical thought, alternative health and natural medicine approaches to health can actually be traced to the same man. Louis Pasteur is the father of the germ theory of disease. His studies gave us the concept of Bug A causing Disease A, and Bug B causing Disease B.

The Germ Theory is one of the principle bases of medical thought and the reason for their approach to their treatment of disease.

Louis Pasteur said on his death bed in 1895, “Bernard was right, the microbe is nothing, the soil is everything.”

Louis Pasteur realized that it is the condition of the body, the health of the body gives the ability to resist disease. The bug cannot overcome a healthy body.

Natural medicine uses science to supports the body’s natural needs and defenses to rebuild the conditions of health.

history show us that people have always looked to nature and natural things for their health. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, is quoted as saying, “let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine thy food.”

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