We do not treat disease. Nor do we offer cures.  The book, The Disease Delusion, written by the father of Functional Medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, clearly outlines why this approach does not work for chronic illness.

Instead we offer a complete systematic approach to uncover the causes of your symptoms, which then finds what you need to support healing of the causes of those symptoms.

We are very effective at helping really sick people get well.

So, if you really want to get better, then you are probably in the right place. It’s a lot of hard work to get there. There are no magic bullets, nor is it common that what worked for someone else will work for you.  You are unique, and your path to healing is unique – only for you.

Below is a brief summary of the presentation on this topic.  All statements in the summary are referenced in the video presentation by slide #. The presentation uses the scientific journals to help explain what is commonly involved in each topic.

The real question is do you want to get better?

Autoimmune Disorders

Auto means some process is going on automatically, immunity lets us know that it is the immune system that is involved.

It seems that the basis for all autoimmune reactions is toxicity. Whether we make them ourselves, or take them in, the body is not processing them correctly. 2-4

For some reason the body has not been able to properly process and excrete the toxins. So the toxins try to escape through your secondary elimination systems-the skin and the lungs.

What can’t escape through the toilet, skin or lungs hides itself in fat tissues. When the fat tissues become too toxic, the immune system starts to attack the toxic tissues as if they are a foreign invader. 8

This is the basis of autoimmunity. Educate yourself on how this occurs by watching below.

Autoimmunity is not an infective disease.

It is not caused by some bug like most diseases are. All of the autoimmune problems that occur in all of the different tissues inside of us come from the same reasons, no matter where they are, or what they are called.

The real root problem with autoimmune disorders is toxicity. The body becomes toxic when the ability to process and excrete toxins is depressed. This usually involves the liver. Candida/Leaky Gut 22, 27


The liver is where we process all of our toxins and get them ready to be excreted. The liver does this in 2 stages called phase1 and phase 2. In phase 1 the toxins are often changed into something more toxic. In phase 2 the toxins go thru a process called conjugation where something is added to the toxin to make it able to pass through the kidneys or the bowel and into the toilet.

If phase 2 is sluggish, we become more toxic. If we can’t dump our toxins in the toilet, then they try to get out through either the skin, causing unexplained rashes, or through the lungs, causing unexplained breathing problems.

The toxins that can’t get out through the toilet, skin, or lungs start to deposit in our bodies making the cells and tissues where they hide toxic. The immune system can’t recognize toxic cells or toxic tissues as you, so it begins to attack those areas as if they are foreign invaders.

This is the story of all autoimmune disorders, the body attacking toxic cells and toxic tissues.

The Key to Stopping Autoimmune

The key to stopping autoimmune disorders is to find where the toxic load is coming from. The toxic load will come from either inside the body, or outside of it.

We make toxins in our gut when we don’t digest properly. 61 We also make toxins in the liver when phase 2 is sluggish or when phase 1 is working better than phase 2. Amalgam fillings are another source of toxins. 52

We can also take in toxins through the skin, the lungs, our food, or liquids that we drink. Any route that puts something form the outside of our bodies and puts them anywhere inside of is may be the source of the problem.

Our food supply is full of toxins.

Herbicides and pesticides are toxins. In fact, they are specifically estrogen like toxins. 4,5,17

Your GMO plants are too weak to fight off their normal pests and diseases. This requires them to use herbicides and pesticides to protect the plants until harvest. Then, the present trend is to spray our grain crops with the herbicide roundup just a few days before harvest to increase their yield 2-3%.

Toxic estrogens are a major cause of inflammation and cell injury. Both inflammation and cell injury will be the trigger to start autoimmune reactions and cancer. 56


Vaccines here in the USA use methyl mercury as a preservative. The mercury is a major source of heavy metal toxicity. 61, 67 And taking Tylenol (Acetaminophen) after a vaccination inhibits the body’s ability to clear the mercury. Developmental Disabilities 53

Mercury, and other heavy metal toxins cause autoimmune responses.

Food Intolerances & Thyroid

Food intolerances cause the immune system to overreact to the whole foreign proteins that have escaped mostly through a leaky gut. These reactions to the foods often cause the immune system to attack certain organs inside of you. 61

Clinically, we find that one of the most common of the organs attacked is the thyroid. 75% of thyroid problems are autoimmune. 2, 4, 11, 17, 41

H Pylori, a bacterial infection that occurs in the stomach, depresses the production of stomach acid. This leads to protein malabsorbtion. H Pylori is linked to Thyroid Autoimmunity and possibly MS. 52

A Proteus infection as a UTI will cause autoimmune responses that lead to Rheumatoid Arthritis. 37


The ability to heal will require liver support to clear the toxic load. Fasting cannot help this process as it takes a lot of energy and specific nutrients for each of the several processes that the liver uses to clear toxins.

The gut health will need to be restored. This process is energy and nutrient specific also. 61

Specific food intolerances are unique to everybody. These need to be tested. Guessing, even educated guessing is not good enough. Your specific foods that you eat come from a different source than what is used in a lab test. You must be able to be tested on specifically what you eat and drink.

Heavy metals will need to be cleared.

And any infective problems will need to be cleared up. Natural Antimicrobial products not only help get rid of the infective agents, but they also help heal your organs inside.


Vitamin D deficiency is linked to many of these autoimmune disorders, and supplementation has been shown to improve many conditions. 32,66

Other nutrients, vitamins, and oils are all important for the healing process.

Our Unique Individual Care Program

We do not treat diseases, practice medicine, or promise cures. Instead, we combine several approaches to help support your body’s weaknesses. In doing so, the body can then strengthen itself to heal. Each person has a program tailored specific to them alone. Many times people in the same household will need an entirely different approach, even if they have what may seem to be the same issues.

All care needs to address the health of all of your body systems, including flora imbalances, damage to the gut wall, the toxins it creates, liver clearance of toxins, food intolerances, autoimmune responses, with thyroid and adrenal dysfunction included.

We use cost-effective natural ways of testing to find out where your individual weaknesses are. We evaluate every body system that you have, find out how all of your systems interact, and what the root cause of the weaknesses found.

Once we find out what the root cause of your weaknesses are, we then use the same testing procedures to find out how to address them. Since you are unique, your individual care program will probably be different from others that you know.

We Help People Heal Naturally!


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