We do not treat disease. Nor do we offer cures.  The book, The Disease Delusion, written by the father of Functional Medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, clearly outlines why this approach does not work for chronic illness.

Instead we offer a complete systematic approach to uncover the causes of your symptoms, which then finds what you need to support healing of the causes of those symptoms.

We are very effective at helping really sick people get well.

So, if you really want to get better, then you are probably in the right place. It’s a lot of hard work to get there. There are no magic bullets, nor is it common that what worked for someone else will work for you.  You are unique, and your path to healing is unique – only for you.

Below is a brief summary of the presentation on this topic.  All statements in the summary are referenced in the video presentation by slide #. The presentation uses the scientific journals to help explain what is commonly involved in each topic.

The real question is do you want to get better?


It seems that this word Cancer brings with it some type of a curse – few get on the other side of it. The reason why may not be nearly as clear as one might believe. In fact there has been relatively little advancement in the therapeutic outcomes of traditional means.

Hiding Truth

What is most interesting is the history of suppressed truth and confiscating records and equipment of those who have found highly effect means of treatment for Cancer. There are clinicians who have been brought to trial – having treated thousands of cases – with no complaints from any user. Their records have been denied as evidence in their trials. No testimony of any users allowed. Equipment demolished or confiscated – no demonstrations allowed – all with no explanation.

This has been the case for James Sheridan and Royal Rife. Some have had to leave the country, most have had their lives ruined.

The research clearly shows that conventional approaches do not address the conditions that allow cancer to grow in. 3

And Chemo has been shown to cause cancer – many therapists develop the very thing that they have treated others for simply from being exposed to the chemo that they used to administer. 5 Some of it is so toxic that visitors are required to wear something like a space suit that seals them off from the damaging toxic fumes of the chemo coming off of the patient.

There obviously must be a much saner approach. To identify the conditions that give rise to the malady certainly makes more sense – so that we can address causative factors. Removing the causative factors will set up the conditions where the body can at least combat the process.
Cancer is one of the most scary words that we know. The mere mention of the word Cancer strikes fear deep into the core of our soul. Our ignorance of the subject quickly ignites our fears, paralyzing reason to confront this foreign invader.

We must understand that there are certain conditions that must be met for cancer to grow in a body. And some trigger has to happen to start the entire process that leads to cancer. This knowledge could then be used to confront our fear, as we start to deal with the condition within.

The Conditions Cancer Needs To Grow

Research shows us that 3 conditions must be present for cancer to begin to grow. 3 Those conditions are:

* Acidosis

* Low Oxygen

* Malnutrition

Acidosis, or the body being too acidic is a result of poor eating habits. Fast foods, junk foods, too much protein, and too little vegetable consumption all will lead to an acidic body.

An acidic body cannot carry or hold oxygen. It’s a chemistry thing. Acids dissolve metals, oxygen needs an alkaline environment.

Malnutrition comes in many forms. The standard American diet may have enough calories, but it has too few vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other micronutrients that we need. This makes most people overfed, but under nourished. 23, 24

The Spark That Starts The Fire

With the above conditions met some type of insult needs to happen to start the growth of cancer. That insult can be a an infection, a virus, some type of trauma, toxins, or a burn. Something that starts an inflammatory process. 17, 18

Smoking literally increases the risk of lung cancer in men 23 times, in women 13 times. 12

And as for sunscreen, it only blocks UVB rays which make up only 3% of the harmful UV rays . UVA rays are much more numerous than the blocked UVB rays. UVA rays also penetrate much deeper into the skin causing much more damage. This increases the risk of skin cancer. https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/causes-of-skin-cancer/

Malnutrition is one of the leading causes of disease in the world. 80% of cancer patients are malnourished, and chemotherapy increases the need for nutrition. 22

On top of this there are many toxins in our food supply. 23, 24 Herbicides, pesticides, and flavorings are on the top of the list. The toxins create inflammation, which is the spark that starts the fire of most cancers.

Here’s some staggering facts:

* Each weekly serving of French fries increases the risk of breast cancer 27%. 32

* Fatty diets when pregnant increase the risk for breast cancer for 3 generations. 33

* Reducing calorie makes you live longer, and helps to kill cancer cells. 34

* 4-13 servings of veggies a day helps prevent cancer. 37, 46

* Estrogen therapy greatly increases the risk of cancer. 47, 48, 50

* Testosterone reduction causes an autoimmune attack on the prostate gland. 59

* Vitamin deficiencies mimic radiation damage. 75

Recent studies show that the estrogens that women take for menopause and birth control get into our drinking water. These foreign estrogens then cause an increase in cancer to everyone in our society—including men causing prostate cancer. Managing Menopause 6-9

Sensible Approaches

Any reasonable approach to cancer has to begin to reverse the process that causes cancer to grow. Why the body is acidic must be investigated. Acidic bodies cannot hold or carry oxygen. What dietary habits that are causing the malnutrition must be discovered.

On top of this the cause of inflammation must be determined. Any other insults must be brought to light.

With this knowledge, a sensible approach to reverse the conditions that lead to cancer can be obtained. Without the same knowledge, one can only guess as to what approach to take.

Toxins must be cleared from their source and places of storage. Detoxing is something that is organ specific. Each organ needs specific nutrients to help clear toxins.

You cannot fast, or just rest the toxic body and expect it to heal. Healing and detoxing both need a lot of energy too.

There will need to be some lifestyle changes to accomplish these things. Dietary habits may need to change. Food intolerances assessed. Some habits may need to be addressed.

No matter what path you take to try to heal, it is important to understand that even when using Chemo therapy, good nutrition and an alkaline body heals better.

Our Unique Individual Care Program

We do not treat diseases, practice medicine, or promise cures. Instead, we combine several approaches to help support your body’s weaknesses. In doing so, the body can then strengthen itself to heal. Each person has a program tailored specific to them alone. Many times people in the same household will need an entirely different approach, even if they have what may seem to be the same issues.

All care needs to address the health of all of your body systems, including flora imbalances, damage to the gut wall, the toxins it creates, liver clearance of toxins, food intolerances, autoimmune responses, with thyroid and adrenal dysfunction included.

We use cost-effective natural ways of testing to find out where your individual weaknesses are. We evaluate every body system that you have, find out how all of your systems interact, and what the root cause of the weaknesses found.

Once we find out what the root cause of your weaknesses are, we then use the same testing procedures to find out how to address them. Since you are unique, your individual care program will probably be different from others that you know.

We Help People Heal Naturally!


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