Despite the heroic efforts of modern medicine, Cardiovascular Disease is responsible for one out of every three deaths in the US of A. And 50% of those treated remain at the same risk for heart attacks, even though their 5 reported risk factors are within “normal” limits.

Surprisingly, the 5 risk factors for Cardiovascular Disease are hardly known to those being treated. Those 5 risk factors are: oxidative stress, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, endothelial dysfunction, and vascular dysfunction.

Most only know of cholesterol, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, which really are the bodies response in reacting to the real problem.

All heart disease and high blood pressure are the result of the bodies reaction to injuries of the blood vessels. The blood vessels can only respond to these multiple pathways of injury in one of 3 ways. The blood vessels will respond with:

  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Vascular Immune Dysfunction

All of these responses occur in the Arterial Wall.