Why would you want to know about Gut health?

Recent studies confirm that close to 50% of doctors visits are related to Gut health. Think about that one out of every two visits to the doctor are for gut problems. How so you might ask?

Well here’s a small part of the list:

  • Appendicitis
  • Diverticulitis
  • Colitis
  • Irritable Bowel
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Gluten intolerance
  • Ulcer
  • Reflux

Do you know that there are many societies that have no problems with Gut health?

We call it Gastro Intestinal Disease.

I heard a story some time ago of a western doctor who went to work in an African Hospital. A man had come in with acute abdominal pain – was seen by the western doctor – given the diagnosis of diverticulitis and prepped for surgery.

The local doctors stopped him stating that if he performed the surgery, he would be the laughing stock of the area. They explained that there was no incidence of appendicitis in that region and if he performed an unnecessary surgery he would never be able to live it down.

The western doctor said that he would delay his procedure only for a matter of a few hour of observation. Then if there was no improvement by a certain time that he would do the surgery without their blessing.

His allotted time passed without any improvement – so the surgery was performed – and the western doctor had been correct – it was appendicitis.

This started a huge question as to how this event could have occurred as there never was any incident of this malady in this region. Upon investigation it was found that the man had been living in the city for the previous several months – AND HAD CHANGED HIS DIET FROM A WHOLE FOOD DIET TO PROCESSED FOODS FOUND AT THE GROCERY STORE!


This story illustrates that the gut needs things to keep it healthy. Watch below to see how important gut health is, and how studies link it to possibly all disease process.

Our Unique Individual Care Program

We do not treat diseases, practice medicine, or promise cures. Instead, we combine several approaches to help your body address its weaknesses. In doing so, the body can then strengthen itself to heal. Each person has a program tailored specific to them alone. Many times people in the same household will need an entirely different approach, even if they have what may seem to be the same issues.

All treatments need to address the health of all of your body systems, including flora imbalances, damage to the gut wall, the toxins it creates, liver clearance of toxins, food intolerances, autoimmune responses, with thyroid and adrenal dysfunction included.

We use cost-effective natural ways of testing

to find out where your individual weaknesses are. We evaluate every body system that you have, find out how all of your systems interact, and what the root cause of the weaknesses found.

Once we find out what the root cause of your weaknesses are, we then use the same testing procedures to find out how to address them. Since you are unique, your individual care program will probably be different from others that you know.

We Help People Heal Naturally!


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