Inflammation is supposed to be a natural process that promotes healing.

Inflammation is how the body calls the immune system to fight off foreign invaders. The process of inflammation to walls them off to kill them and remove them from our body. And once the foreign invader is removed the process of inflammation is supposed to stop.

The problem is that our society is changing. Inflammation has become a chronic process. It literally becomes a fire within us that won’t be quenched. It burns up our tissues creating swelling – which creates pain. In fact almost all pain comes from swelling.

Look at your medicine cabinet.

It is most likely filled with things to stop swelling and inflammation – or so we think. Does it really stop it? Does it take away the reason why the inflammation is there? Or does it just try to reduce the symptom – the swelling and the pain?

Often, the very thing that we use to alleviate the symptom aggravates the cause of why it is there in the first place. We actually are making the problem worse.

How about taking a different direction – how about understanding the process so that you can address why the symptom is there? The power to take control of your life is yours alone. Nobody else can make that decision for you.

Our Unique Individual Care Program

We do not treat diseases, practice medicine, or promise cures. Instead, we combine several approaches to help your body address its weaknesses. In doing so, the body can then strengthen itself to heal. Each person has a program tailored specific to them alone. Many times people in the same household will need an entirely different approach, even if they have what may seem to be the same issues.

All treatments need to address the health of all of your body systems, including flora imbalances, damage to the gut wall, the toxins it creates, liver clearance of toxins, food intolerances, autoimmune responses, with thyroid and adrenal dysfunction included.

We use cost-effective natural ways of testing

to find out where your individual weaknesses are. We evaluate every body system that you have, find out how all of your systems interact, and what the root cause of the weaknesses found.

Once we find out what the root cause of your weaknesses are, we then use the same testing procedures to find out how to address them. Since you are unique, your individual care program will probably be different from others that you know.

We Help People Heal Naturally!


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