Developmental disabilities are a tragedy that could often be avoided. Sometimes they are a consequence of the way that we live. Don’t get me wrong, there are things that we all would not have done if we knew the consequences before we started. If only we knew before….

Sometimes we just don’t believe that it will happen to us. Smoking is like that. Smoking comes with a great risk of cancer. But there’s something in all smoke called acetaldehyde that is 5 times more toxic than formaldehyde which is embalming fluid.

Acetaldehyde is in wood smoke, we coat our meat in it when we barbecue. We fill our houses with it by using the fireplace. Acetaldehyde is one of the things that causes developmental disabilities. If we knew that, we might have avoided more smoke.

Prenatal Causes

Did you know that a woman’s health determines the health of 3 generations when she gets pregnant? Studies show a 38% reduction in autism when the mom takes a good quality multivitamin. Depression doesn’t exist in Japan because they eat a lot of fish. Fish provides them fish oil, and fish oil helps make healthy brains.

A study found 200 different toxic chemicals in the umbilical cords of only 10 newborns. Those toxic chemicals came from their mom’s being somehow exposed to them.

We need to get our moms healthy before they get pregnant. Our kid’s health depends upon it.

And what mom’s eat plays a lot in a child’s health. Gluten decreases the blood flow to the brain. At times during fetal development, the child’s brain grows some 250,000 nerves a minute. That means blood flow is critical to brain development.

Early Childhood Causes

Gut flora, the bacterial coating in your gut, will play a big part in how toxic we are. The gut flora is critical for proper child health. Poor or inadequate flora allows toxins into the body. And toxins have a negative effect on growth and health.

Then there are vaccinations. There is a 6 fold increase in Autism when children are given acetaminophen (Tylenol) after a MMR shot. Knowing this, it would be wise to never give Tylenol to try to ease the discomfort of a child after they get a vaccine.

Lifestyle Causes

The cause of Alzheimer’s has been blamed on a few different things over the years. Remember when it was all about aluminum toxicity? Aluminum comes from carbonated beverages and deodorant.

Now they call Alzheimer’s diabetes of the brain. Diabetes comes from not watching your diet. Studies show that food intolerances play a big part in diabetes. Sugar may not be good, but this means that other foods may be worse.

And you need to be tested to find out what foods you can eat. By the way, lab tests for food allergies only test for 2-3% of your possible food allergies. The other 97-98% of the intolerances they don’t know what they are and have no way of testing them.


Trauma or injury can be a major cause of developmental disabilities. Some accidents we can’t avoid. Some trauma we can avoid.

We willingly subject ourselves to trauma all of the time. Football, hockey, soccer, basketball are all contact sports, and contact sports are traumatic.

There is a movie call Concussion. It’s about a coroner who discovered how the repetitive traumas of the multiple concussions in football players caused fractures in the soft tissues of the brain. Those fractures eventually led to psychological disorders that were the cause of death in many young pro football players.

Football is just as exciting with flags on the waist as it is full tackle. And the flag wearers may need to have more skills because they are a smaller target to get. The point is the sport is just as good either way, only much safer with flags.

Some Answers

The earlier a developmental disability is caught, the easier it is to help the one afflicted. Many of these disabilities can be slowed down or stopped. Some can be reversed. To do this it will require some lifestyle changes.
Do you want to get better? Are you willing to make some changes?

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