I found Dr. Brad to be a very skilled chiropractor. His office is a pleasant environment and the staff is professional and friendly. They listen to you carefully and understand your needs. They are knowledgeable about the correct form of therapy for your particular situation.

Both my husband and I feel wonderful due to our treatments with Dr. Brad. We have more energy and are flexible and able to work again like we did years earlier. Our time with Dr. Brad has been amazing. I highly recommend him. – Pam S. on Google

Dr. Brad has done an amazing job of working with me and my family. He is willing to work with anyone that is also willing to do their own part in getting healthy. His website has a great deal of educational information so we can understand what the problems we may be facing and what the underlying issues may be.

The articles that he presents give a pretty condensed version of what you can study to learn about being healthy.

What do you want to do with your health? Educate yourself to learn how to be healthy or just keep treating symptoms until they kill you. Most of us sacrifice our health to make money and then spend our money to try and get back our health. – Daniel K. on Google

I was feeling achy, not able to lose weight and had little energy. I thought this was the normal aging process. Then my sister recommended Dr. Brad. With his expertise I started feeling better within a week and over the period of a few months I felt years younger, lost weight, have no aches and my energy has been restored. I can’t thank him enough and encourage everyone to go see Dr. Brad. – Celeste D. on Yelp

Threw my back out on vacation and looked for a chiropractor. Fit me in that morning and he was amazing. Very thorough, assessed my condition and after adjusting me gave some great recommendations. I would go in a heart beat if I needed him when in the area again. I would even drive a distance to see him. I would highly recommend him. – John L. on Yelp

Dr Brad cured me of my Lyme disease and co infections. He is a very skilled and patient doctor. I am very grateful to have energy, strength and live my life again. – Elizabeth L. on Google

I was bit by a tick in 2009 and ended up pretty sick for a few years since most of the general practitioners I had seen told me all my symptoms were just “in my head” since all the blood work always came back normal. My husband found one of Dr Brads flyers and I can’t tell you how great it was to finally be believed and eventually helped. I’m not going to lie, it was hard work! I had to give up a lot of foods that I loved but that were really bad for me and at the beginning there were quite a few supplements which I hated taking but Dr Brad had endless patience and in the end I felt so much better, my energy and strength came back, I could think clearly again and I was able to live my life again. I am very grateful for Dr brads expertise, he and Lisa both were a blessing. – Elizabeth L. on Facebook

So thankful we were told about Family Chiropractic Care!! He has helped our daughter overcome Lymes!!! – Jen N. Jeremiah S. on Facebook